Monday, January 26, 2009

Marinating Students in VOCABULARY

6 Steps to Effective Vocabulary Instruction
Robert Marzano [2004], Building Background Knowledge for Academic Achievement:
Research on What Works in Schools

Step 1. Teacher provides a description, explanation, or example of new term

Step 2. Students restate the explanation of new term in their own words

Step 3. Students create a nonlinguistic representation of term

Step 4. Students periodically do activities that help them add to their knowledge of vocabulary terms

Step 5. Periodically students are asked to discuss the terms with one another

Step 6. Periodically students are involved in games that allow them to play with the terms

*pages 91 – 103

Posted in honor of treasured colleagues at The American School of Dubai...You help your students fall in love with words brilliantly.
Rock on!

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