Saturday, July 16, 2011

Thank you, Department of Defense Educators!

Great to be with you this week!  As I read Cathy Mere's blog tonight, she shared the following quote - and it reminded me of you all.  Warmest wishes on all your journeys....

From poet Ryunosuke Satoro...
"Individually we are one drop.  Together we are an ocean."


Laura Benson said...

And one more connection to our collaborations from the brilliant blog of my-most-treasured-soul-sister, Carol Wilcox, here is a glorious poem from Sara Holbrook (Check out Carol's Corner - link at the bottom of my blog page):

Walking On
the Boundaries of Change
Sara Holbrook

Day by day
a tightrope,
walking on the boundaries
of change.
One step--
firm, familiar.
The next step--
shaky, strange.

Some friends will
mock or push each step.
Some friends
knock your confidence.

Real friends
form a net.

Dana said...

Lovely word..really deep and full of meaning.. This really impressed me..

Lighina VB said...

Nice work done… thanks a lot…

Patrick A. Allen said...

Love hearing your writing and thoughts... keep them coming!