Sunday, September 21, 2008

Empty Nest, Full Hearts


You have earned this journey and deserve this joy. We are so proud of you, Sweetie. It is only right that our sadness is vast because, for ever nineteen years, you have been our gold light, our compass, and our greatest blessing. It is only right that your happiness is endless because, for many years, this is where you have longed to be, worked to be, and need to be.

We are with you.

All our love,

Mom and Dad

Empty Nest, Full Hearts

Today is the day.

Today, we three

become two

as You

grown into

Your One.

Today, we leave You


in college

and head for


Today, we leave You

with all our hope

and all our

forever love.

Today, we wish You

oceans of joy,

our beloved son,

our only child,

our most radiant


Today, we wish You

the dreams

of your heart.

Today and always,
"a good time
to laugh
is anytime
you can."

Today and always,

live knowing

that the song of

your childhood

(and ours)

"Jesus love me,

this I know..."

is truth

for You

and for All.

And that

none of us

have to be


to feel that Love.

You are loved

just because.


and endlessly.

Today and always,

You carry

our heart

with You.

Today and always,

we cherish

the goodness

and dignity

of Your Soul.

We trust You.

Never doubt

Your Goodness.

Believe in

Your Wisdom.

We treasure



And always will.


Carol said...

Laura, Dave, and Tim,
You have been in my heart all day!
Love you much! Wishing you much joy and much peace in this new adventure!

Franki said...

So, how was your week? Our daughter is a year away from college so I totally connected to your post last week. And I have been wondering how you are doing. I hope you are all enjoying this new chapter of life.

Laura Benson said...

Thank you so very much for your warm note. I apologize for my extreme delay. I have been working overseas and the blogspot directions were in Arabic (making it impossible to respond to you and offer updates blog entries, too). Tim is becoming more settled each day and every happy with his decision. Dave and I are just trying to stay extra busy so that we can deal with missing Tim. Knowing there are such caring friends out there - like you and Carol - helps us tremendously. Stay in touch because I would love to offer you support as your daughter makes her own college journey.
Big hugs and respect,