Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It is Time

My husband, Dave, is a history teacher (and a darn great one, too!). For many years, I have placed my votes, my voice, and my vision toward civil rights for all people of all races, faiths, and sexual orientations. Over nine years ago, I joined a church focused on equality and hope for all people (a passion and effort of the church for over 200 years). Until recently, I worked for an organization devoted to the academic achievement of African American students. I am a mother of a nineteen year old son. I am self employed and incur tremendous and sometimes daunting taxes.
For these reasons and a million more, today is a day of reflection and promise. It is election day. I am hoping with all my soul that the next president brings compassion, wisdom, and integrity to his work. He needs to build bridges between and among all people. He needs to listen to those he knows and respects and those who question his decisions, too.
Senator Obama, I am voting for you for all our children. You carry our precious trust and faith. God speed, brave brother.

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Carol said...

Hi dear friend,
This is a beautiful reflection on an oh-so-important and amazing and overwhelming day. I'm still trying to digest it, five days later. Love you, dear one! CAW