Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Our Youngest Growing Writers and Readers: Professional Texts to Light Our Paths as Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and First Grade Teachers

It's exciting time for teachers of Pre-K, K, and first grade students because so many of our most treasured and respected mentors have recently published incredible professional books. Sharing their teaching with us, their words light our paths as we work to strengthen not only students' emerging literacy skills but expand their confidence and purposes for writing and reading.
Here are a few of my favorites (and, knowing that my tired old jet lagged brain is likely to forget a really important title or two, I will keep updating this list for you all in future BLOG entries):
Already Ready: Nurturing Writers in Preschool and Kindergarten by Katie Wood Ray and Mark Glover
Of Primary Importance: What's Essential in Teaching Young Writers by Ann Marie Corgill
Look Whose Learning to Read! by Shelley Harwayne
Talking, Drawing, and Writing: Lessons for Our Youngest Writers by Martha Horn and Mary Ellen Giacobbe
Growing Up Writing: Mini-Lessons for Emergent and Beginning Writers by Connie Campbell Dierking and Sherra Ann Jones
Spaces and Places by Debbie Diller (*creating an inviting and intentional literacy learning environment; I will post a BLOG entry about my own thoughts about the setting of our classrooms soon.)
The Reading Bug by Paul Jennings
Hey, Listen to This! by Jim Trelease
Beyond Bedtime Stories by Susan Bennet-Armistead
Creating Literacy Rich Pre-Schools and Kindergartens by Anne K. Soderman
And a few which were previously published but deserve a second (or third!) read:
No More Letter of the Week by Pat Lusche
Joyful Learning by Bobbi Fisher
About the Authors by Lisa Cleaveland with Katie Wood Ray
Growing Readers by Kathy Collins
The Read Aloud Handbook (6th edition) by Jim Trelease
Developmental Continuums and Classroom Based Assessment by Bonnie Campbell Hill
Words Their Way by Don Bear and his brilliant colleagues :)
Texts by Carol Avery, Gail Saunders Smith, Vivian Paley, and, of course, Margaret Mooney and Marie Clay, too!

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