Wednesday, August 29, 2012

STRONGER TOGEHER: Collaborative Assessment Partnerships to Further Students' Learning...Here's to you, Suva Elementary School and Suva Intermediate School!

As a follow-up to today's collaborative assessment studies, here is the profile of "Types of Assessments" with respect to our wonderful colleagues, Brandon Doubek and Connie Kamm :)
Formative Simple 

üNo paper, pen, pencil;

  not for a grade

Formative Complex

üUses paper, pen, pencil; not for a grade

   (most typical CFA)

Summative Simple 
üSmaller test (e.g., chapter test); for a grade
Summative Complex 
üLarger test (e.g., unit, midterm or final exam, high stakes state tests); for a grade or evaluation of cumulative information

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