Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How to Steal a Dog

Treasured friend Carol Wilcox recently recommended several books to our book club. Carol and Mary Denman, another beloved friend and book guru, always turn me on to the best books. So, when Carol recommended How to Steal a Dog, I knew I had to get it. Boy, was Carol right! This is such a heart deepening read. When (main character) Georgina Hayes' Dad leaves, her family has to find a new home - their car. Desperately wanting to help her Mom afford a place to live, Georgina innovates an idea which evoked compassion, wonder, and fear within me as I read her plans. Many years ago, I wrote a series of professional articles about the power of steering students to books which illuminate why and how to live a literate life. Georgina is a radiant role model of living a literate life; she turns to her journal as a soul mate, lifeline, and compass. And, not to give anything away, one or two of O'Connor's additional characters will help any reader see that God always keeps some angels on Earth.

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