Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Writing Learning and Teaching Professional Development Texts

Allende, Isabelle. Inventing the Truth.

Anderson, Carl. (2004). How's It Going? Heinemann.

Anderson, Carl. (2005). Assessing Writers. Heinemann.

Benson, Laura, ed. (2000). Colorado Reads! Colorado Department of Education.

Benson, Laura. (2003). Drawing From Our Well: Creating Writing Lessons from Our Reading Journeys. CCIRA/The International Reading Association.

Benson, Laura. (2001). Living Literate Lives. CCIRA/ The International Reading Association.

Benson, Laura. (2003). Portfolios of Proficiency. The Colorado Department of Education.

Benson, Laura. (2002). Revision Rituals. CCIRA/The International Reading Association.

Benson, Laura. (2001). A Writer’s Bill of Rights. The International Reading Association.

Browder, Walter. (2005). Happily Ever After: a book lover’s treasury of happy endings. Nashville: Rutledge Hill Press.

Cameron, Julia. The Artist’s Way.

Cameron, Julia. The Right to Write

Davis, Judy. The No Nonsense Guide to Teaching Writing.

Dierkling, Connie Campbell & Jones, Sherra Ann. Growing Up Writing: Mini-Lessons for Emergent and Beginning Writers. (2003). Gainesville, FL: Maupin.

Elbow, Peter. (1983). Writing with Power. Heinemann.

Fletcher, Ralph & Portalupi. (1998). Craft Lessons. Stenhouse.

Fletcher, Ralph & Portalupi, JoAnn. (2001). Writers Workshop. Heinemann.

Freed, Lynn. (2005). Reading, Writing, and Leaving Home: Life on the Page. Orlando: Harcourt.

Freeman, Marcia. (2003). Teaching the Youngest Writers: A Practical Guide. Gainesville, FL: Maupin.

Freeman, Marcia, Mitten, Luana, & Chappell, Rachel M. (2005). Models for Teaching Writing-Craft Target Skills. Gainesville, FL: Maupin.

Goldberg, Natalie. Writing Down The Bones.

Goldberg, Natalie. The Writing Life.

Gordimer, Nadine. Writing and Being.

Graves, Donald. Investigate with Nonfiction.

Graves, Donald. (1994). A Fresh Look at Writing. Heinemann.

Graves, Donald. (2005). Quick Writes. Heninemann.

Harwayne, Shelley. (1999). Going Public. Heninemann.

Harwayne, Shelley. (2005). Novel Perspectives: Writing Minilessons Inspired By The Children In Adult Fiction. Heinemann.

Harwayne, Shelley. (2001). Writing Through Childhood. Heinemann.

Heard, Georgia. (2002). The Revision Toolbox: Teaching Techniques That Work. Heinemann.

Hill, Bonnie C. (2000). Developmental Continuums. Christopher Gordon.

Hindley, Joanne. (1996). In the Company of Children. Stenhouse.

King, Stephen. On Writing.

Kirby, Dan & Liner, Tom. (1988; 2005). Inside Out: Developmental Strategies for Teaching Writing. Heninmann.

Lamott, Anne. Bird by Bird.

Lane, Barry. (1993). After The End: Teaching & Learning Creative Revision. Heinemann.

McMackin, Mary & Siegel, Barbara. Knowing How. Stenhouse.

Murray, Donald. (1996). Crafting A Life in Essays, Story, Poem. Heinemann.

Murray, Donald. Read to Write.

Murray, Donald. Shoptalk.

Murray, Donald. Write to Learn.

National Research Council. (1999). Starting Out Right: A Guide to Promoting Children’s Reading Success. [writing connections, too]

National Writing Project & Nagin, Carl. (2003). Because Writing Matters: Improving Student Writing in Our Schools. Josey Bass.

Peery, Angela. (2005). ARRIVE: Reflective Journaling. Centennial, CO: Center for Performance Assessment.

Quindlen, Anna. (2005). Being Perfect. New York: Random House.

Ray, Katie Wood and Cleveland, Lisa. About the Authors.

Ray, Katie Wood. (1999). Wondrous Words. NCTE.

Reif, Linda. Vision & Voice. Heninemann.

Routman, Regie. (2005). Writing Essentials: Raising Expectations & Results While Simplifying Teaching. Heinemann.

Smith, Mary Ann & Juska, June. The Whole Story: Teachers Talks About Portfolios. National Writing Project.

Spandel, Vicki. (2001). Creating Writers Through 6-Trait Writing Assessment and Instruction. Longman.

Stegner, Wallace. (1991). On The Teaching of Creative Writing. Stanford Press.

Strunk, W. & White, E.B. Elements of Style.

Taberski, Sharon. (2000). On Solid Ground. York, MA: Stenhouse.

Ueland, Brenda. If You Want to Write.

Welty, Eudora. (1987). One Writer’s Beginnings. Harvard.

Wilcox, Carol. (1993). All That Matters (edited by Linda Reif). Heninemann.

Zinsser, William. On Writing Well.

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